UX for SCB

As Hyper Island students we had a collaboration with SCB - Statistiska centralbyrån (the Swedish statistics bureau). The brief was to transform them into more digital and to reach a new target group, the teenagers. Our team made the reasearch and drew the conclusion that a mobile first digital platform would be the solution. We also made a strategy for reaching the teenagers.

My main responsibilities were the documentation, rapid prototyping, digital prototypes (in Sketch and Invision) and executing user testing. Together as a team we worked through the process from research and ideation until the final presentation.



After debriefing our team made laptop research and facilitated a workshop with our client and made the journey mapping. Collected data was analyzed and clustered into key problems and insights. The decision was to make a mobile first website. We started with rapid prototyping on paper and continued prototyping in Sketch. After prototyping we made user testing, and after that the UI for the prototype.



I was working on the prototype. The platform consists of three sections: survey, fun facts and learning content. There is also section for your personal details and tags that you want to follow. We made the prototypes for the platform with Sketch and Invision.


Behind the Scenes


Module in Hyper Island
9 January - 3 March 2017

Industry Leader
Beata Wickbom from Itch Design

SCB - Statistics Sweden

Hyper Island Team
Anna Keski-Kohtamäki, Francesca Lusuardi,
Helena Bauer, Santi Peréz