Etiketti Magazine

Alko is the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly in Finland. I was working as a photo editor and also gastronomy consultant for their Etiketti magazine in 2014. I was part of the team for reformation of the magazine.


Media Critic in Journalist magazine, June 2014

Journalisti-lehti (the Journalist magazine) in Finland wrote following review about the reformation of Etiketti (part of the media critic, published June 2014):

"Kokonaisuutena Etiketti on kuitenkin erittäin hyvin toimitettu ja kuvitettu lehti. Se on kuin mikä tahansa elämäntapalehti, joka keskittyy yhteen viime vuosien megatrendeistä: ruokaan ja juomaan."

Transl. "In general,  Etiketti is a very well edited and illustrated magazine. It is like any lifestyle magazine focusing on the last years’ mega-trends: food and beverages."


Etiketti 2014

Etiketti is a customer magazine of Alko. The content is concentrated on wine and food as well as on responsible alcohol consumption.