Hounds and Hunting in Lapland

I think Pete has already been hunting for 10 years or so. And at the moment he is in Lapland hunting with our vizsla Mimi. Mimi is accompanied with Arran the vizsla.

Tomorrow Mimi will turn 10 months old and this is her first hunting trip. Arran is 6 months older so he has a little bit more experience.

Photo   © Pete Salonen

Photo © Pete Salonen

Photo   © Timo Haanpää

Photo © Timo Haanpää

I am still awaiting for news if they will catch any birds.

Mostly I have just been enjoying my time here at home without the crazy and energetic puppy. But I am sure our 10 years old galgo Nuba misses her even she thinks the puppy is a pain in the ass. Next Tuesday we will get the hunters back home.

Metro Helsinki Hunt Club