The Lost Love for Music and Some Inspiration of Aino Venna

I am a big music lover. I have always been since I was like 7 years old. Thanks to my parents who always played some records or had Radio City on during the 80's. I have been collecting a little bit of vinyls. Not much if you compare to collectors and DJs but I got some good shit anyways, mostly hip hop and jazz. I have always been more into marginal music than to pop. I also own Technics turntables and a mixer. I used to do some DJ gigs back in the day. But I think that at the time I was just too shy to promote myself for more gigs. I know I played good tunes as I always got good feedback even from fellow DJs. The time just wasn't right for me and there were not that many girls DJing at the time. And by DJing I mean DJs who play vinyl records. I am that way old fashioned. It is delightful that there are more and more female DJs now a days. I am also happy I got my brother into DJing and taught him how to do it. He still does some gigs occasionally.

Aino Venna. Photo  ©  Tero Ahonen

Aino Venna. Photo © Tero Ahonen

For some years I have had this huge black out in the music area. I haven't really been listening anything but my favorite radio station Radio Helsinki. Luckily they play good tunes most of the time. I haven't really found that many new interesting artists and I have been kinda sad about it. From time to time I have a desire to listen to some artists I adore but mostly I just enjoy the silence or I just settle to what they play in the radio. The last few years I have been so tired of talking about the music. I used to love it. I used to love to search and find new interesting artists. It is sad but I have lost my sense for it.

This is me DJing, May 2007. The iPod is not mine and I have no idea who took this photo.

This is me DJing, May 2007. The iPod is not mine and I have no idea who took this photo.

When I heard singer Aino Venna for the first time in Radio Helsinki maybe three years ago I have to say it was something inspirational. I think it was Njassa who played a song of hers. It was something incredibly beautiful and the time just stopped. I had to hear her songs again and again. Thank god for Soundcloud! Aino's style is quite Twin Peaks and some songs remind me of Angelo Badalamenti and others from Edit Piaf to Elvis.

After discovering Aino Venna I also found something else I like. That is Sarah Kivi & Non-Orchestra. From both of the bands you can find Mr Ville Pystynen who is highly respected among the musicians. Hopefully soon I am open for more discoveries in the music area. Would you like to recommend me some?


This week Radio Helsinki had a competition to win tickets to Aino Venna's album release concert. I was lucky and won two tickets! I took my friend Jaana with me to the concert that was held in Music Theather Kapsäkki. Aino's performance was hypnotic and fascinating. You can sense how she loves to sing and to perform, and she is definitely having fun at the stage. She communicates with the band members so beautifully and gives credit to all of them. I am so glad I went to the gig as I rarely do anymore. Thank you Aino Venna and the band. Thank you Radio Helsinki.

There are still two concerts left, one this evening and another one tomorrow. I think you should go and see the gig!

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