Branding for Noko


As Hyper Island students we had a collaboration with Noko, a Swedish start-up. We were working on building a strong and recognisable brand and visual identity for a niche product entering the market. Unfortunately, as the product hasn't launched yet, it is not shown in the images below.

My main responsibilities were the photographic aestethics as well as organization and documentation. I was also a contact for our mentor. Together as a team we worked through the process from research until the final presentation but each of us had their own specialization. In the end of the process I also worked on the details as that is one of my strengths.


My responsibility was to define the photographic aestethics and work on InDesign to make layout for the Photographic Aestethic pages on the brandbook.


 Among with the photographic aesthetics pages for the brand book I also worked on the layout for other pages in cooperation with another student.


Module in Hyper Island
6 September - 19 October 2016

Hyper Island Team
Ali Rodsari, Anna Keski-Kohtamäki, Carolina Bertilsson, Daniel Montano, Jackson Ainsworth, Nina Sletten



Industry Leader
Steinar Danielsen from Doberman

Herman Kipowski from Grow

Behind the scences